Debbie, Founder & Wellness Director of The HomeSpa, combines years of certified functional medicine coaching and holistic body work to provide a uniquely relaxing wellness experience just for you. With her creation of Debbie Does Detox™ , she helps you free yourself from cellular toxins, reclaim your maximum health, and boost your natural vitality. Her holistic body work addresses the "issues in your tissues" with both the nurturing touch of traditional massage for your body and the use of state-of-the-art bioenergetic technology — all accompanied with a transformational blend of diverse sounds and exotic scents for your soul.

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Debbie's HomeSpa®

As the self-proclaimed ambassador of wellness in Sag Harbor, Debbie brings her own integrative style of holistic health consciousness to an ever-growing list of locals and visitors to the Hamptons, discovering many kindred spirits along the way. She and  her friendly network of talented healers and body workers are happy to customize services (and products) for you, providing the most inspiring, heartfelt relaxation experience with each and every service.

Things to know...

Committed to bringing positive energy everywhere we go, we strive to make the most convenient yet thoughtful wellness experience for you in the comfort of your own home in the Hamptons (and Montauk). To do our absolute best, all we need is a nice, quiet space in which to fit a 32" x 84" massage table (with the face cradle in place), ideally with at least another 18" of extra space all around it, and two (2) FLAT sheets per session. That's about a 6' x 10' space in total.

If you have pets or children who love you, please allow them show it by letting you enjoy your relaxation time with as little interruption as possible. A relaxed you is a more loving you — which is good for them too! Our enlightening wellness coaching sessions are done via phone or zoom video.


For most new clients, advance payment for your in-home services may be requested. We require 12hrs notice of cancellation. Appointments cancelled in less than the required time will be billed at 50% of the published price per service.  We accept all credit cards, Venmo, Zelle, and cash.

* We offer therapeutic healing services only and use proper PPE materials to ensure the safety of our clients and ourselves. The use of some PPE devices may require an additional charge for use during your session (i.e., sanitizing air humidifier).
* As required by the State of New York, you may be asked to fill out a CoVid-19 symptom and/or massage consent form prior to receiving any of our service(s). Failure to do so when asked may result in our inability to service you that day.
* Pregnant women must be at least twelve (12) weeks pregnant or more in order to receive massage services from our therapists.
* We do not provide services for children under the age of 13. Our service prices are the same for children 13-17 as they are for adults 18 and over.
* It is your responsibility to obtain approval from your primary care physician prior to receiving any services that may be considered contraindicative to any and all pre-existing condition(s) you may have.
* We reserve the right to refuse to provide any or all services for clients whom we deem to be unfit or ill-prepared for services at that time.
* We reserve the right to refuse to provide any or all services in spaces which we deem to be unfit or ill-prepared for services at that time.

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